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Counselling and Mentoring


Executives feel the pressure to demonstrate their return on ideas, but they may feel limited because they do not have enough hours in the day to deal with practical issues.

This is where mentoring or counselling comes in.

Just as most athletes have a coach to enhance their performance, executives hire Return-on-Ideas mentors to accelerate their career and analyze how they can become a top performer.

Return-on-Ideas mentoring is a confidential one-on-one session; unlike consulting, which is a more in-depth and lengthy process, mentoring requires the client to conduct their own research, draw their own conclusions, and set their own path.

What are the top three reasons executives hire mentors / counsellors?

  • To get an independent opinion on their current effectiveness.
  • To get significant results in implementing Return on Ideas.
  • To rely on a trusted advisor who is credible, engaging and has a depth of business and executive knowledge and marketing efficiently.

Mentoring & counselling can enable you to solve practical problems such as:

  • How can I get my boss to value my results, give me the support I need, and understand the challenges I’m facing?
  • We have a huge market opportunity, but how do I create a winning business case to take advantage of it?
  • How can I improve my relationship with finance, procurement and other departments?
  • How can I get my Agency to act more accountably for results?
  • How do I get my people to think and act efficiently and go the extra mile?
  • How can I get my team to act more accountably?
  • How do I kill some of the sacred cows in this organization?
  • How can I correct some serious blind spots that some of my team and my Agency have?
  • How can I spend less time on fires and more time setting direction for marketing?
  • How can we focus in on the few things that we need to do to be successful, when there are so many potential priorities?

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