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Workshop +PLUS Audit


We audit the effectiveness of your Return-on-Ideas. This involves:

  • defining the scope of the marketing activities to be audited
  • collecting information about marketing budgets and expenditure distribution
  • examining metrics and data that are being used by Agency and client
  • interviewing key personnel in the Agency and on the client side
  • analysing metrics and data
  • calculating the size of the prize
  • assessing the feasibility and obstacles to realizing the full benefits
  • reporting findings and recommendations
  • presenting and discussing the report with management


  • The key to success of an audit is preparation.
  • Prior to the project: proper clearance (NDAs) and scheduling of meetings.
  • Collecting information: to ensure effectiveness, we provide in advance a checklist of the information we would like to review.
  • Consultation and interviews: to ensure 360 degree perspective, we will interview all key stakeholders
  • Analysis: our templates ensure speedy analysis and fast delivery of results
  • Report writing: we are highly experienced in writing in clear jargon-free language

Standard Next Steps

  • Most findings fall into three categories:
  • Quick wins: improvements that can be implemented immediately without further discussion or negotiation
  • Projects: more complicated improvements that will require significant change. Our report prioritises these projects with full cost-benefit assessments.
  • System and procedure changes: our report will identify areas where new systems and procedures will yield benefits.

Do you qualify?

Think of your organisation, think of your workplace, how people work together, think how it is now, think how you would like it to be…

  • If you think marketing is understood and loved, then you don’t need the ‘return on ideas’ programme
  • If you think Finance and Marketing work creatively together, have healthy business debate and banter, then you don’t need it.
  • If you think Sales, Marketing and Finance are on the same page then you probably don’t need it.
  • If your Finance people understand the marketing plan and help create a robust business case against cutting budgets then you might not need this.
  • If Marketing & Finance sit side by side on the Board demonstrating marketing’s return on shareholder investment then you’re already there – well done…
  • However if you have any shred of doubt, or think there’s room for improvement, then the return on ideas programme will have something… a tip, a checklist, a change management action plan. Go for it.

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